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How much does 100g of wagyu beef cost?

Our smallest portion of wagyu beef starts at 8oz, which is approximately 220g, and costs $69. While most butchers and meat shops prefer to sell larger portions, if you find one offering 100g of wagyu it might cost anywhere from $40-$60.

Is wagyu beef better than prime?

Yes, it is. In fact, wagyu beef is so superior, it's worth paying extra for. That's because real wagyu has extremely high marbling.

The result is tender, juicy beef that is very easy to cook and has an incredible flavor. If you're going to buy beef, we highly recommend getting real wagyu.

Is Walmart wagyu beef real?

No, Walmart does not produce or sell real wagyu beef. They do have some beef which is packaged and sold as "wagyu '', but this is far from being purebred wagyu. It's also not fresh, which greatly diminishes the delicious flavors our meat is famous for. If you're going to buy wagyu beef, we recommend doing it at a real butcher shop and not Walmart.

How much does it cost to buy wagyu beef?

It depends on where you're buying it, and the type you're buying. But in most cases you should be prepared to spend at least $50 for a single steak. This is because wagyu cattle are expensive to raise, and in the case of Lomelo's wagyu beef, we only sell top-quality cuts that are wonderfully fresh and flavorful.

Is wagyu beef illegal in the United States?

No, there's no law against selling eating wagyu in America. In fact, there are plenty of American cows that are bred specifically for the purpose of producing wagyu beef.

The problem is, most Americans have never tasted real wagyu and so they have no frame of reference to help them understand how great this beef is. If you've never tried wagyu beef, it's our top recommended product.

Is Costco wagyu beef real?

Technically Costco wagyu beef is "real", but the better question to ask would be "is Costco wagyu beef good?" to which we can honestly say, it depends on your perspective. If you compare Costco wagyu to Costco prime, it will be good.

If you compare Costco wagyu to Lomelo's wagyu on the other hand, Lomelo's will be much more succulent and we do not freeze our wagyu beef.

When can I pick up my order?

In-store pick-up is available 7 days a week. Your order is ready 15 minutes after a successful order.

How far do we deliver?

We currently go as far as Palm Beach County to the north and the keys to the south. If you order by 1 PM your order will arrive the same day.

Monroe county is delivered the next day.

Can I return the products I purchased?

All sales are final.

No returns once purchased. If the product you purchased was open or spoiled, please send us the photo of the product to receive store credit.

No exchanges are allowed once the product was delivered or picked up.

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