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Whether you prefer to pick up your food at the store or you want it delivered to your door, Lomelo's is ready to serve you.  We offer regular delivery boxes or next-day and even same-day delivery. Whether you plan your meals in advance or you just wake up one day longing for a wagyu steak, Lomelo's is happy to deliver our fresh, never frozen meat.

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Why is wagyu beef so special?

Wagyu beef is  considered high quality due to the way the cows are raised and the way the beef is treated. Wagyu beef is known for its marbling, which is caused by the fat content within the beef. Wagyu is not only a gourmet meat,  it is also one of the most expensive meat products available.


If you're in the habit of buying beef in bulk and freezing it for later, you may be saving some money but you're sacrificing so much flavor. Frozen beef is a food of convenience that is ideal for quick service restaurants, but it's not the same as fresh beef.

Frozen beef is flash frozen immediately after being butchered, and while this process may not harm the meat, it removes much of the moisture and flavor.

If you have ever had garden fresh vegetables in the spring after a long winter of nothing but frozen vegetables, perhaps you can imagine the comparison. Not only is fresh meat more sumptuous, it cooks faster and more naturally than frozen meat, so it's easier to get it "just right".

Whether you prefer your steak as rare as possible or sporting a little char, you'll taste the difference the first time you experience Lomelo's fresh, never frozen wagyu beef.

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Check our nationwide online store www.lomelos.com, we are here to meat your needs! 😊

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