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We bring a unique passion to the world of wagyu beef delivery. We only deliver organic, high-quality wagyu beef. Free from antibiotics and hormones.

Lomelo's specializes in fresh, never frozen wagyu beef and other superior food products. We take pride in serving our customers the same quality of food, drink, and overall care that we give to our own friends and family.

How To Buy Wagyu Beef Online

When you order our wagyu beef online you have access to a number of great products, including steaks, burgers, ground, and a variety of other popular cuts. We also provide a variety of delicious vegetables, other meats from pork to chicken, and the best wine pairings you've ever tasted.

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Why is wagyu so special?

Wagyu beef will easily steal the show at any barbecue. It's a cut above prime, a type of beef that's prized for its tenderness and rich buttery flavor. The best wagyu is an art form in and of itself, from the way the cattle are raised to the cooking process. Its flavor is so distinct that you will surely taste the difference with one bite.

The Difference Between Fresh and Frozen Beef

If you've never tasted fresh, unfrozen beef from wagyu origins before, you may not believe your taste buds the first time you sample our products. Once you've tried our beef, don't be surprised if you become a regular customer for life. Our wagyu beef is both more delicious and nutritious than regular beef.

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