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Create the perfect Yakiniku Dinner With Wagyu beef


  • Electric Griddle
  • Tongs
  • Chopsticks
  • Japanese Wagyu Beef (Japanese Wagyu Ribcap Lifter or American
  • Wagyu Boneless Chuck Short Rib Salt & Pepper
  • Preferred Vegetables (typically mushrooms, onions, carrots, cabbage)
  • Preferred Dipping Sauces ( ex: soy sauce or similar)
  • Rice


Yakiniku, translating to “grilled meat”, is a fun and unique way to deviate away from your typical dinner party. Yakiniku is essentially Japanese Barbecue, consisting of preparing your meal as you eat it. Japanese Wagyu Beef works perfectly for this type of dinner, as it does not need much additional seasoning away from its famous natural flavor.

Prepare The Table:


Step 1

Thinly slice meat (4-5mm thick). Be sure to cut against the grain.

Step 2

Slice vegetables

Step 3

Portion rice into individual bowls

Step 4

Pour sauces into individual dishes

Cook & Enjoy:

Step 1

Allow electric griddle to heat thoroughly prior to cooking;

Yakiniku is best cooked on medium high to high heat.

Step 2

Place slices of meat on the griddle, and cook to individual liking; the amount of time needed to cook properly will differ based on the thickness of the slices; roughly 3-5 seconds per side.

Yakiniku is both enjoyable and entertaining as it creates a unique and luxurious eating experience that is far from typical. This dish is perfect for dinner parties as each individual prepares their meal exactly how they prefer. Quality time spent eating quality meals makes for a dinner you’ll want to repeat!

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